Sick of not getting the auditions you're right for? know you’re a great actor, but struggle to get in the right rooms.'re frustrated with lack of interest from agents or managers. can’t seem to get your agent or manager to freaking *pitch* you already!

Or maybe...

You're not alone.

If I had a nickel for every time I had this conversation with an actor,
I'd be able to buy a Tesla. Or at least a really nice sushi dinner.


of the actors we've worked with have had the same struggle.


What's the deal, anyway?

It’s not that you’re not a good actor.
In fact, I’d wager that you’re an amazing actor.
I bet you do all the things for your craft:
a great class, self-tape game on point, audition workouts, the works.

What you're lacking is clarity.

What you're lacking isn't talent.

How do I know?

Well, not *actually* you, but just like you.
When I was an actor, I struggled to figure out where I belonged.

What shows was I really right for? Why didn’t people see I could do comedy, instead of only bitchy women? What the heck were casting directors even looking for?

Thankfully, I eventually did the work to narrow down what I was right for, and guess what? I started booking. A lot.

Then I moved into working with actors on their visual package (headshots and reels), and discovered that they struggled with this stuff just as much as I did.

So I’ve literally had this conversation with hundreds of actors, and helped them all through it.

See what I mean about nickels? Tesla, baby.

Because I used to be you.

And still to this day, this is the very first conversations we have with people when they hire us.

What will you learn?



Where you fit

You know you're a storyteller, but
*what kind of stories*
do you naturally tell? You'll find out within the first two exercises.

You are more than just your appearance. You have an energy that you bring into every room--we call that presence. Find out how your presence helps shape your casting.

Once you know what kind of storyteller you are, and what your presence says about you, you'll figure out which networks, shows, and films you truly belong in.


By the end of this course...’ll be able to say “I know who I am, what I play best, and how to use that info to kick ass in my career!” won’t have spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to cobble together exercises to work on. It's all been done for you!
All you have to do is participate.

What's in the mini course?

The $47 course includes:


47 minute video training, including 17 exercises for narrowing down your type effectively

A PDF workbook for following along with the exercises


So, are you ready to start
auditioning for the roles you're actually right for?