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Johnny is a seasoned actor, and audition coach, known for his roles such as “PJ” in “Hand of God” on Amazon, and Buddy in “There’s Johnny…!” on Hulu. He’s been a guest star on shows like “Casual” and “Chicago PD”, and worked with acclaimed directors like Marc Forster, Brad Anderson, Mädchen Amick, and Mario Van Peebles. He’s worked with true masters of the craft like Ron Perlman, Bruce Dern, Maxamilliano Hernandez, and Julia Ormond. 

A passionate educator and mentor, Johnny is committed to nurturing emerging talent. He possesses a deep understanding of the audition process, casting dynamics, and the techniques necessary to stand out in a competitive industry. His approach focuses on empowering actors to harness their unique abilities and present their best selves in auditions.

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Andy, in the full bloom of his youth and drunk on freedom, passed up a chance to get a master's degree in Environmental Science and Management (and the opportunity to, I dunno, "DO GOOD" in the world?) in order to spend nine years in LA banging around theaters, VO studios, warehouses, boats, and film sets. During this fateful time, he sopped up all of that artsy goodness, all of that creative and technical ambrosia, like a dry sponge.

Now an "adult," it is his distinct pleasure to bring the prismatic skillset he's developed to bear as a director, storyteller, actor, writer, VO talent, coffee PA, music supervisor, pop psychologist--whatever you need to bring your story to life, he's game. Big on play; keen collaborator. 

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As an actor, Karissa graduated from NYU Tisch's  Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. Most recently, she starred in "Just Like Life" at the at both the Hollywood Fringe and International Fringe Festivals in NYC. As a director, Karissa has directed many stage productions, including including "Cold Tangerines" and an adaptation of a Jane Austin novel for Little Candle Productions at the Fremont Centre Theatre. She has also directed many shorts and webseries epidosdes, such as  "Ghosts n' Stuff", "A Final Promise", "Reclaim Your Life", and many more. 

As an acting coach, Karissa's approach is to dig deep into the script to help an actor find every nuance. With an enthusiasm for character analysis, she leads her students on a journey of self-discovery, challenging them to break through barriers and connect with their roles on a profound and personal level.

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Adam is an actor & writer living in Los Angeles, California. Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Adam has a BA in Musical Theater from Ball State University and is a graduate of the inaugural Professional Program for Acting for the Camera at UCLA.

Adam is a founding producer of Chrysalis Pictures, where he produced an original pilot DIRTY LAUNDRY, an original Dramedy series he created, as well as collaborated and produced an international original short film festival, THE MOVING PARTS FESTIVAL, focusing on social justice themes this past April. 

As a teacher, Adam loves helping actors find the best choices for their characters and actions, crafting performances they are excited and proud of.

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