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So many of the people we talk to are just like you: they've been working hard and feel confident in their craft, they *know* they could book jobs, but they need help with getting the message out about who they are and what they can do!

Ready to make kick a** material?

Uplevel your acting footage so you can get in the audition room faster.

"I love waiting around for my footage!"*

I want to uplevel my auditions.
I need help figuring out my branding/type.
I need new material that reflects me now.
I feel stuck.

I don't have footage, or what I do have sucks.
I'm not getting auditions.
I'm not getting meetings.
I need an agent or manager.

*said no one ever.

We've heard all of these before...

If you've ever said any of that, then
do we have goals for you.

You're gonna hone your branding and type.

You'll create wildly specific footage that shows you off in the best possible way.

You'll feel insanely proud of your marketing materials.

You'll be empowered to make huge strides in your career.

You'll not only get into more audition rooms, but you'll get into ones that are totally right for you.

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you get started?


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Oh yeah. Need help figuring out your type?


Think "typing" yourself puts you in a box? Think again.

With this innovate mini course, you'll learn why it's so important to narrow down your casting, and how that helps to start moving the needle forward in your career.

And you'll do it by using your intrinsic gift as an actor: storytelling.


"Because of my reel, I was able to secure an agent interview, landed a film job (opposite name talent) that has won upwards of 10+ festival awards, including me being personally nominated for Best Comedic Actress and winning another Best Comedic duo award. Moreover, As a result of this film role, I was able to produce music videos and a live Christmas Concert show from the contacts I made from the cast/crew...all within 6 months of my RYR reel! None of that would have been possible without my work with RYR, and I'm flabbergasted at how quickly things turned around after just ONE scene! Thank you RYR for what you do for your clients! You are helping people live their dreams and enabling them to catapult their careers! Bless you!"


"I’d suggest you work with them because theirs is some of the best work out there right now, bar none. If you’re looking for high quality scenes that match the look and feel of current shows on TV/streaming networks, you need to get with these guys! Plus, they’re great people with zero LA attitude, which makes them even more special.
Because of my reel, I was able to get theatrical and commercial representation, am actively auditioning, and just feel like I’m actually “in the game” now and light years ahead of where I was before I decided to contact them."


"I just wanted to email you and again say thank you for your hard work on helping me bring my reel to life. I have 4 meetings with theatrical agencies who will hopefully represent me and I am 100% certain my reel has helped me even get a response to be in the room. Grateful for all your hard work!"


"I loved working with Rock Your Reel because Melissa is amazing! She's SO smart about the business. I felt like we had an immediate connection.
She knew exactly what I wanted to get and knew HOW to do it.  My footage is incredible... looks like it came right out of the shows I'm targeting. They empowered me to take the reins on my career and create footage that showed me off.
I’d suggest you work with them because we all only have so much time. Years can go by before you have the right footage to get you in the doors you need. You're saving time in your career.
Because of my reel, I was able to land a new agent."


"I just got signed theatrically ! They were over the moon about my reel — so so so impressed and I can’t thank you enough. It was a huge part of me even landing this meeting and now signing with them."  


"Rock Your Reel provided me with a well-written, quality-shot scene that catered exactly to the type of show I want to target at this stage in my career! I loved working with female powerhouses! They thoughtfully took my input and DELIVERED. The day of the shoot was full of laughter, fun and creative collaboration. I felt empowered to be the best version of my artistic self possible. Since adding my new reel footage, I have gotten called in for significantly more auditions and feel I have advanced in my career path!"


"I loved working with Rock Your Reel because they are real pros! The writing is specific and excellent, which in my opinion, is the most difficult to find in reel companies! They help you get your best performance on set and showcase your best work! I have recommended Rock Your Reel to many of my friends and peers and I will definitely shoot with them again! They are reasonably priced when you are serious about upgrading your acting career, and so worth your investment! Because of my kick ass reel I was able to get better auditions, book my first paid jobs and get an agent!!"


So yeah, our clients are total rockstars, 
and have recently been featured in...

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