With years of professional experience under his belt (including millions of views on YouTube for projects he's produced!), Steven brings a wealth of creativity to set! With his eye for lighting and composition, and ability to collaborate, Steven helps to make each shoot super fun. 

With over 20 years experience as a professional actor, writer, director and photographer, Melissa works hard to make sure your project looks super profesh. And her obsession with all things TV helps make sure that your scenes are up to date.

Outside of being a fantastic actor, she is one of the most organized people we know! She'll help guide you through your paperwork, and make you feel like a rockstar.

Adam is an actor, writer, producer and director who is one of the most organized, kick-ass humans we've ever met. As a producer, he'll help guide you through your process at RYR. And as a director, he'll help you shine!

The ultimate multi-hyphenate, Keena is an award winning producer and director (as well as actor / dancer / writer / and mom of two!). She also coaches actors who want to produce their own work. Check out her websites: www.keenaferguson.com and www.nowgogetitdone.com

Starting as a client, Cari proved to be such a good writer that we *had* to get her on the team! She brings all the good stuff: comedy, drama, a youthful presence in her writing! And bonus: her parents are doctors, so she's got all that medical procedural language ON LOCK.

Melissa Blue


Alesha Gilliam


Steven Strobel

Director of

Adam Fried

Lead Producer/

Keena Ferguson


Cari Alva

Staff Writer

Not only is he an extremely talented actor, but he holds a mean boom pole! And again, he's one of the nicest, most generous people you'll ever meet!

Johnny Ferro


Award winning actor and director Karissa has a wholistic approach and calm style to her directing. But don't let the calm exterior fool you: she's wicked funny and wicked smart! (She has to be raising 2 teenagers!)


Karissa McKinney

We're like your own personal, mini production studio.

Our entire team are currently (or started out as) working actors, and all of us have written and produced our own award winning content--so we totally get where you're coming from. We are positively obsessed with storytelling, and all the components that go into it (detail oriented, much??) 

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