How it works

1.  We have a consultation about what your brand is, what your goals are (i.e. are you trying to get rep, trying to target casting directors, trying to get into certain types of projects, etc.), and what you want your scenes to feel like they are coming from. For example, are you more a multi-cam sitcom person? Or maybe a network procedural?

2.  Then, we’d start the pre production process. We write the scenes (after talking to you about what type of characters you would play in each of those shows—to get super specific about what type of work you want to be getting), and start in on finding a perfect location to use. 

3.  Also, at this time, if you don't already have a scene partner in mind, we have a network of working actors to pull from. And if those two things don’t work, we do a small casting process to find the perfect partner.

4.  Once the scene is written, we email it to you, and you can give us feedback on any changes you might want to make. Then, once the scene is finalized, and the location and scene partner are locked, we have a rehearsal (we like to use Google Hangout--no driving in LA traffic!), so that you will have worked out all of your choices, etc., and we set the shooting date and time, as well as talking about props and costumes/hair/makeup. We also set up when the call sheet will go out.

5.  On the shooting day, we usually get to the location first (for setting up the gear/lights/sound/ etc.), and then have actor call 30 minutes later. We shoot for 1.5-2 hours, and then the client is wrapped while we clean up and strike all gear.

6.  The editing process includes color grading, sound editing, and adding music (if needed), and then is cut in three forms: a full length version of the entire scene, and then two smaller cuts, each featuring one of the actors in the scene (the output of the scenes is 1080 HD— and can also be sized for the casting sites if needed).  You get 2 edit changes (if you want any), and if you want more, there is a small charge per edit. Once everything is good to go, and the you approve the final edit, I send the final scenes through Dropbox!

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